Beware Of Batman 2012 - 2013 !!!

 Worked On Primary Characters (Batman , Anarky , Silver Monkey and All Genric Characters in "BEWARE OF BATMAN " Tv Series , .........!!!!

Care Bears 2012

All Primary Bears & Olive Characters Rigging , Facial , Light Fix . Care Bears 2012

Spiderman - Ride 4D - 2012 !!!

Ufff ... SpiderMan Worlds Biggest Ride Running in " Universal Studio " , DocOct , Hobgoblin ,Electro & Hydro Rigging , Facial , Deformation Fixing !!!

Laser Peg TV Spot

Laser Pegs .....

Gladiatori di Roma (Not born to be gladiators) - OFFICIAL TRAILER!

Gladiatori Di

Vengeance 5D Laser Blast - London Dungeon

It First  5D Laser Blast i have  very good experience Scary Characters (ooooo) We have  Scary Nightmares at Work  Chk Trailer even  it makes u  Scary  too.......

Rigging Reel..... Balaji .S.G

Rigging Demo Reel - Balaji.S.G from balaji on Vimeo.

Biped Character : Min
Broken Rig , IK/FK blending and Secondary Controls.

Mechanical Rigging - Car Rigging with Squash n Stretch and Facial Expressions inspired from "Pixar's Cars "

At last I am able to set up My Fav Character " Buck From Ice age - 3 " He is Best Super hero I like , its challenging to do rig like Buck Character and im Doing RND on Spine with Ribbon Spine Playing around with Rabbit(almost similar like Buck Character ) ..Soon will upload Final Version .

CG Tantra - Flawless Facial Rigging
With 74 Bones and 10 Deforms by which I Won The CG tantra Award.

The Juggler - From the Short Film Cat n juggler , i Rigged all the Character with Facial Expressions and Flexible Controls for Animators.

Thanks for watching my reel, Please comment on my work.

..Soon i'll Submit Final Version ....

Comment On My Work !!!


won Feb 2010 Flawless Facial Challenge in CGTantra

its my first challenge in CGTANTRA n first facial rigging with bones .
i added 69 Bones too less rite ?but i concreted more skinning part,15 Clusters and other deforms with Simple Controls along Secondary Controls
I'm very happy i gave my best(with out using any Scripts or Plug-in)........
Challenges are not supposed to paralyze you...... they're supposed to help you discover new ways to do thinks. .........BlendTwoAttr


FICCI Frames announced Best Direction in Animation Category Second award for "The Cat and Juggler". earlier we won the ASIFA best professional Short film award,I’m very happy and entire team(my Fav ppls). Everyone had put in so much effort,When we doing CNJ we didn’t think about awards. We just done our job with complete dedication,hard work . when we get something like this, it feels great............."

""""" " Raydrops Team """"""

Ray Drops Team